What is this "settamankie" and what does this have to do with Scouting? Why do you put it on the end of all of your postings? How do you pronounce it? What does it mean if I said it out loud somewhere? Do you have to be in a certain group or section in Scouts to understand it? Is it a "black thing" or a
Scouting thing? Are you an Indian?

No, I am NOT an "Indian" (Native American). I am a Black man.

Settummanque is short for "Sekkettummanque", which in the language of the Delaware Indian (and that of the BSA's Order of the Arrow) means "black eagle" (sekkett - black + manque - eagle). If you said it out loud somewhere, you would probably get stared at but nothing more. It is not a "dirty" nor "obscene" name or description. It is NOT a "black thang" nor is it a "Scouting thang". The page, which describes the reasoning why I use "settummanque", is much more detail than this, so I'll leave you to go there and see why.

Why do I place it on the end of every posting? As a signature and as a "tracking item". There are many, many "Mike Waltons" out there. To separate my postings under a search from anyone else's postings, I use the signature "settummanque". In that way, when I (or you or anyone else) perform a search for items, it comes up with the signature and the postings. There have been a couple of other people that have "used it" for their own silly ways, and as a result, I had to service mark the word "settummanque". There's a style of writing that goes along with the word, so I'm not too concerned about someone using it and then saying "Mike Walton WROTE THIS...SEE!!"

And NO, it is NOT my "Vigil Name." I do not have a Vigil name because I do NOT hold the Vigil Honor.

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