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Welcome to the Badge and Uniform Site!
A look at current and past Boy Scouts of America badges, insignia, flags, and uniform items -- most importantly, WHO wears or wore it; WHERE do they wear it or wore it; and some information on WHY or WHY NOT some items are worn.

You are free to ask questions or submit content to make the Site more current and workable for youth, their parents and local Councils. Content on this site is being revised as ALL of the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, starting in the winter of 2019, will be open to male and female youth; therefore with some minor exceptions, insignia and badge placement are identical. Feel free to use the links at the bottom of each page or send questions/comments here if you need clarity. Please allow a few days for a response please.

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Official insignia and uniform items shown or illustrated here are ®Boy Scouts of America©.

This electronic publication is NOT approved, sanctioned, nor reviewed by the Boy Scouts of America©, and therefore should NOT be considered an official publication of that organization. Where/when possible, the contents of this publication has been reviewed with a number of field professionals and volunteers, the BSA's official uniforming and insignia guides, and with several Councils' program guides to insure consistancy with current National policy and uniforming guidance.
Since uniforming is one of the eight methods of quality Scouting, this online guide was produced with the sole purpose of providing parents, Scouting adult and youth leaders a way to visually review BSA uniforming and insignia policies and simply to show where things go and who wears them -- and why.

Elements of this publication reflect the consoldated opinions of Scouters from the Scouts-L youth programs electronic mailing list, and has been supplemented by scanned images, digital/still photographs and line drawings featuring current or past BSA national and several local Council insignia and uniforming items. Insignia displaying one or more of the BSA's official indicia are ©Boy Scouts of America© ; insignia appearing without an official indicia may be the property of the Boy Scouts of America© if listed in a present or previous edition of the BSA's Insignia (Control) Guide.

Where mismatches occur (and it should be very rare) between the BSA Insignia (Control) Guide, Guide to Awards and Recognitions or the Guide to Insignia and Uniforming and this online publication, we encourage you to contact *your local Council service center ("Council office") * as well as to contactRoses and Thorns (Comments) this publication. While we do a great job of updating and maintaining these pages, on rare occasion changes do occur before we can modify or explain the change; or insignia may be retired or discontinued from inventory as the BSA programs and program emphasis change. A quick inquiry through the link provided on each page will help to resolve the mismatch. We have an obligation to keep this publication as current and fresh as possible, with more than 228 local Councils and three Regions linking to this site; and as we continue to enjoy a great relationship with the BSA's Supply Group; the Membership Impact and Program Impact Groups, and their task forces and teams to help keep this information as accurate and current as possible.

We thank the many volunteers and professionals whom over the years have supported this site by making available content and backstory information in order to make this site as current and up-to-date as possible. This site continues to be funded through public speaking and training engagements made by Mike Walton ("Settummanque, the blackeagle") and supplemented by a grant from the U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc.(USSSP). No BSA national nor local Council funds have been paid to support this site or its content.

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