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> 27/10/2018
Revised the mailing & email addresses.

> 10/01/2011
I am back in the States permanently. Please use the addresses on the right to contact me; if you use the EUCOM address below, it will bounce back as invalid.

Revised the mailing address, email addresses, fax and voice mail numbers.
> 20/04/2009
I am temporarily in Germany on a tour with the European Command. Here's how you can reach me here in Germany:

LTC Mike Walton
Unit 30400, Box 3000
APO AE 09131

micheal.walton@eucom.mil settummanque@yahoo.com

> 25/08/2008
Revised the mailing address, email addresses, fax and voice mail numbers.

Here is how you can contact me. Please keep in mind three elements:

I am STILL living with families in the Twin Cities area and do not have a home of my own presently; this just means I can't entertain you in my home office right now.

These families' lives DO NOT revolve around me; they have family members who must get to bed early and get up early in the morning. Again for the time being, please limit your voice calls to between 4-9pm weekdays/Saturdays and between 3-9pm on Sundays;

Finally, the hotel where I am staying at right now in Ohio is within the EASTERN TIME ZONE (-6 from GMT). For those of you in the Central Time zone, I am one hour AHEAD of you; for you on the west coast, I am THREE hours AHEAD of you.


Electronic mail is the BEST METHOD of reaching me. You may reach me at one of the following email addresses:

(ATTENTION SPAM BOTS AND SPAMMERS: There's a $50 US bounty on each "spammed email" you send to any of the below email addresses payable to my retained attorney on EVERY SPAM EMAIL YOU SENT TO THESE ADDRESSES. He's making a LOT of money for himself -- I don't get a dime. For more information, pay attention to this important information)

Primary: kyblkeagle@aol.com

Secondary: blackeagle@usscouts.org

I check all of the primary accounts on a daily basis; I check the secondary accounts on a regular basis (perhaps not daily but enough on a regular basis).


Phone/Fax: 877-278-0159 (please leave a message for Mike Walton; please leave note or cover page for Mike Walton)

US Postal Service (USPS) Mail:

Mike Walton
4737 County Road 101 #150
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345-2634

Contacting me at work:

Mike Walton (COL AUS Ret.)
Public Affairs Specialist/Media
HQ.,Air Force Materiel Command
4375 Chidlaw Road, Suite B-225
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433
937-257-7599 (office) 312-787-7599 (DSN)
651-434-3633 (cell/vmail) 877-278-0159 (fax/vmail)






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