Will you write a letter of recommendation/a reference/a letter of congratulations for me/my son/my daughter/our unit? Can you come to my Eagle Scout Court of Honor/District Recognition Banquet/Council Recognition Banquet? Do you charge for coming to those things, or does the BSA foot your bill for going? Will you please come and present my Eagle Scout Badge/Wood Badge beads/other award on (date)?

I write something to the order of 400 Letters of Recommendations, reference letters and congratulatory letters for Eagle, Girl Scout Gold Award, OA Vigil Honor, and other recognitions a year. It's part of my obligation as an Eagle Scout to do so.

I have also attended about 100 Eagle Scout Courts of Honor, District or Council recognition banquets or finance kickoffs in the past 2 and a half years. The BSA does NOT "pay my way" to attend these things...I must pay to attend just like any one else in your Council or District. I do ask that you assist me in underwriting my basic expenses for traveling to your location. It's all covered on a page about my speaking and motivational strengths and how to "book me" for your next event.

And I do attend Blue and Gold Banquets, Troop Courts of Honor, and regular meetings. It doesn't have to be anything "special" to get me to attend!

I would be honored to present your Eagle or Wood Badge to you, but in all honesty, those special honors (and they ARE special honors!!) are best left to people who know you best from your community or unit!

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