I want to meet you. Can I or are you a made up person that the BSA placed out here like they did "Pedro", the donkey that's really someone at National answering kids' mail in Boys' Life? Can I call you and talk with you or will I receive an automated answering machine thing? Photos can be "stuck together"; even with the Internet and all...how do I know that's you and not some composite like they did for the Betty Crocker box? Do you have a booth at the National Jamboree where my Scouts and I can come and meet you in person?

First, I do NOT work for the Boy Scouts of America in ANY capacity. Therefore, while I would LOVE to do so, I won't be able to set up a booth during the National Scout Jamboree and meet you or other Scouts and Scouters. I have done my best, however, to travel as much as my personal finances and those of others inviting would allow, to visit with, meet, help to train, coach and raise monies for, local Councils and their volunteer and professional staffs. I love doing this, and I do understand when some Councils are not very "hot" about me showing up on their doorstop. Most Councils, however, has been very open and willing to have someone "from the outside looking in" and with a breadth and width of knowledge about our programs, to help train and coach volunteers in their Councils.

Second, I am NOT a "made up person" and the photos posted on my website are photos of me, my family and friends, and other Scouters who have met me over the years. There is only one composite photo used on my military site, which shows me half in a Scout uniform and half in a military uniform. It was used as a cover for a story about "Military Scouters". You are more than welcome to call, email, fax or visit me in person any time you and I can get together. I love coffee, so you may find me just as comfortable at a coffee shop than I am at home. If I'm not at home, you'll get our voice mail. Just leave a message, even if you just want to hear my voice...one Scouter did. He called me at 8am on a Saturday morning and he apologized, stating "I've been reading your stuff online for years and I just wanted to hear the voice behind the postings."

Finally, I enjoy writing and reading. So, if you want to "test me out", how about sending me a posting or two!!

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