Do you have any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have they ever been Scouts before? How far did they get? Are they Scouters too? How about your Mom and Dad?

I have two brothers and one sister. I am the oldest child. They all have been Scouts before, but all of them quit soon after participating for various reasons. I am the only Eagle Scout in my family as well as the first to graduate from college, and to receive a graduate degree (my sister, a Godsister, followed me by five years).

My Mom and Dad has never been in Scouting before, and had little clue as to what Scouting was about. They lived in a segregated area in southwestern Tennessee whereby they knew that the White kids had something that they wore uniforms in and did some camping and things, but the Black kids didn't until my Grandfather Albert changed all of that. You can read about it as part of "Eagle Feathers".

I am the only Scouter in my family.

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