When did you earn Eagle and how many merit badges did you earn before you got too old for Scouts?

I became an Eagle Scout on the same day as my longtime friend and fellow Scouter, Robert Pillette, Jr., did: on November 6th, 1975 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I earned 53 merit badges before I turned 18 years old and therefore was not able to earn my second Silver Palm. At the time I earned Eagle, 24 merit badges were required to earn Eagle instead of the traditional 21. The last merit badge I earned was Golf, and I earned it two weeks after my 18th birthday, which knocked me out of the second Silver Palm. Oh, Bob Pillete Jr. is now a Lutheran minister. We were in competing Troops at Fort Knox...his, the largest; me, the best.

I became the second Eagle Scout in my Troop, Troop 801, chartered to the 8th Battalion, 1st Cavarly Regiment, 194th Armored Brigade at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I became the first African-American (Black) Eagle Scout in that Troop as well and the first to be honored as an Eagle Scout on the installation since 1972.

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